Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It is a GIRL!!!

So we found out that we are going to be adding another little one to our family on October 14.  It is a little girl that is going to be named Irelynd Ann Marie Plemons.  We are super excited to add a new beautiful little kid to this family.  She is going to be one lucky little girl to have 2 big brothers to watch out for her.  And oh by will they especially Lucas.  All he can talk about is everything he is going to do for his new baby girl.  Hopefully I can make it through this nasty hot summer and not be to miserable and fat!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lucas' first day of School!

 Well here are the pictures of Lucas on his first day of Pre-K.  I am still in shock that he is old enough to go to school already.  Luckily here in Texas Pre-K is part of the school system and because we are military we qualify.  He goes to an amazing school which is rated very high.  This is his teachers first year teaching alone but she is a natural and is awesome with the kids!  Before I know it I am going to have pictures to post of Kyle going to school!

 Lucas was not too excited when we told him that he was going to school today.

This was his response when dad asked him to smile!

After we told him it was time to go to the bus stop then we got this face!
He loves to ride the "big kid" school bus as he calls it!

Mama and her mini me!

I can't believe my little boy is officially going to school now!
I feel soooooo old!

Daddy and the Big Lu!

Here is the debut of Toby with braces!  Tee-Hee Toby!

Lucas' School Bus!

I am a total stalker mom and had to follow the bus to the school!

Lucas going through the lunch line all by himself!

Of course Lucas is making sure he gets what he wants!
Ohhhhhh I want that right there!!

He didn't know I was there taking pictures so he was quite surprised!  But after this picture I got an amazingly happy smile from ear to ear!
He carried his tray to his table all by himself!  I just can't believe he is such a big boy!

Lucas eating his lunch with his class.  He didn't want to sit with me because "he is a big boy and big boys sit with their class".  Of course that isn't a surprise because he is soooo independent.

This is the result of me asking him to smile for Grandma & Mamaw.  I tried this a couple of times and kept getting this result.  All the teachers were laughing so hard over this.

Lucas carried his tray (without dropping it) to the garbage all by himself without complaining.
Why can't he do this at home?

Lucas and his class lining up after lunch to go back to the classroom.
They learned within a few minutes that putting your finger to your lips in the quiet sign and that is what they are suppose to do when in the halls.

Well Lucas of course had to be a goof ball about the whole things and again had all the teachers laughing!
He is definitely his father's son!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Road Trip

So this summer we went on a road trip.  We all loaded up in the van, including the dog, and drove to Colorado where my grandma lives, just 2 days after Toby had ankle surgery.  He was stuck in the back with his leg propped up and drugged out.  Quite an adventure I must say.  We met my parents and my brother and his family there for one of my cousins wedding.  The boys had a blast romping around on the farm.  Of course Lucas walked around the place like he was the coolest cowboy around!  They got to collect the eggs, help feed the goats, horses, and chickens, ride the 4 wheelers, and just run around like crazy!  Needless to say they had a blast.  Then after that we headed down to Las Vegas for a week to see my family.  We got to see good friends we haven't seen for a while and spend a lot of time with my parents, which my boys love.  The boys were soooooo spoiled it wasn't even funny.  But I guess that is what grandparents are suppose to do.  Then we packed up and headed back to good ole' Texas.  When we were less than an hour away from home I got pulled over and got a stinkin' speeding ticket.  Dang-o Texas Highway Patrol.  I was only going barely 8 miles an hour over the speed limit, keep in mind while staying with the flow of traffic, but I guess the old fart from the Podunk town doesn't have anything better to do than pull over hot mamas in pimpin mini vans.  So now I am stuck with doing an online traffic school.  But other than that we had a pretty good road trip.  I am glad we were able to go since we will be moving in about 5 months!  Unfortunately I have no idea where Toby has the pictures from this trip so I will have to put them up later!

Kyle's 2nd Birthday

So this is really late but here are some pictures of Kyle on his 2nd birthday. He had to open up his presents in the church parking lot because I had enrichment and that was the only time we had to do it. I can't believe he is 2 already. I am so lucky to be a mom to such an adorable little boy with such a big personality!  I just wish when he gets older he will be this happy over lame little presents!  I still can't believe my baby is 2!

Kyle was so excited to see fire!!!

Getting ready to blow out the candles!!!

I guess Kyle was leading the Happy Birthday song

He is so funny!

He thought he was such a big boy opening his presents all by himself

Bring on the presents!

Look dad!

Kyle was so excited about his ball

I wonder what this could be?

Wow another ball!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lucas' and Kyle's Birthday Party!

Since Lucas and Kyle have birthdays that are so close together we had a combined Batman & Superman Superhero Birthday Party! It was a blast. We had it at the house and had a pool and slip and slide for the kids to play in. Lucas has wanted Batman to come to his birthday since he started planning it 7 months ago. So we were able to get Batman to come and Lucas was totally excited. Lucas had to show Batman all his new things. It was so cute. Kyle was a little afraid of Batman at first but then warmed up to him. We are so grateful for all our friends that we got to celebrate our boy's birthday party with. We sure are lucky. It turned out to be a great party! Glad I don't have to worry about a Birthday Party for at least another year!!!!

Weird Birthday Boy

Cute little Birthday Boy

I love this boy

Lucas' buddy Mason

Kyle's buddy Hud

Lucas on the Slip-n-slide

Kyle can't quite figure out how to Slip-n-slide

Hunter on the slip-n-slide

Allysa on the slip-n-slide

Dylan on the slip-n-slide

Kayla on the slip-n-slide

Lucas getting Batman glasses from Batman

Batman trying to give Kyle superhero glasses but Kyle wasn't too sure about that

Lucas and Kyle with their superhero glasses

Lucas is so excited about Batman

Kyle and Batman

Mason and Batman

Colby and Batman

Batman and his family

Alyssa and Batman

Batman with Kaylee and Hud (Hud did not like Batman)

Lucas just had to go get her Batman cape

Thumbs up dude!

Cool dude Mason

Toby and Batman

High five Batman

Bye Bye Batman

Kyle hitting the pinata

Hud hitting the pinata

Austin hitting the pinata

Lucas hitting the pinata

Mason hitting the pinata

Dylan hitting the pinata

Riley hitting the pinata

Alyssa hitting the pinata

Hunter hitting the pinata

Kaylee hitting the pinata

Kayla hitting the pinata

Tyler hitting the pinata

Kyle's superman cake. Ya I made it and my icing bag broke so it looks really bad, but it tasted amazing!

Lucas' Batman cake. Looks crazy too I know!

Kyle with his birthday cake

Lucas and his birthday cake

Some of the decorations for the party. I forgot to take pictures before the party